• 5G Telecom Communication

    High requirements for the 5G base station power supply, SUNTE new energy offer the full solutions for the telecom backup ESS solutions with our core cell and BMS technology, for the best communication services.

  • Intelligent Manufacturing

    Offering the total intelligent manufacturing system solutions for all the manufacturers with high efficiency and stability. Manufacturing costs reduction by reducing the scrap rate and improve the production efficiency.

  • Household ESS

    Energy blackout, which is unpredictable, can always cause problems no matter hours or minutes. SPH can work as energy backup unit, providing reliable power supply with always fully charged battery.

  • Automotive Power

    Breakthrough technology forms the core of our automotive product portfolio and allows us to manufacture highly competitive lithium-ion solutions at the system, module and cell level. 

  • SUNTE Power Plant

    Micro grid ESS system design with cloud operation platform to meet the different requirements for various applications.

  • What's More

    SUNTE lithium-ion batteries are suitable for a wide range of applications. In addition to our traditional markets, we believes that our batteries can be used in devices such as electric toothbrushes, shavers, power tools, and gardening tools, robots, and ever wide range of other products. SUNTE will continue to power more.

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Focus on our WeChat official account